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Mediation Services


To provide a peaceful way for families to resolve conflict

What is mediation?

Mediation is an opportunity for individuals to voluntarily have a conversation to gain an understanding of each other's perspectives, to collaborate and to develop creative solutions to resolve a conflict


To create families that are at peace with one another and can transition to their next chapter

What does a mediator do?

A mediator uses conflict resolution skills rooted in the social sciences to support the discussion. A mediator does not provide legal representation/advice or make decisions about the outcome. Neutral and impartial, a mediator supports everyone in the conversation.

What are the benefits of family mediation?

  • Self-determination

  • Reduced resources used (time, money)

  • Confidential

  • Collaborative

  • Voluntary

  • Creative and customized

  • Interpersonal communication emphasized

  • Sustainable outcomes

  • Trained professional supports the conversation



  Tel: 631-867-2996  |  |   Kings Park, New York

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